Decorate on a Budget

Decorate on a Budget

Getting into the Holiday spirit means decorating the house, inside and out. But decorating your place can be a little hard on your pocket. Getting the house ready for the…

Decorate on a Budget
Mix and Mingle

Mix and Mingle

The holidays are a busy time of year when it comes to social events. It can also an intimidating time of the year if you lack a confidence and are…

Mix and Mingle
Relationship Resolution

Relationship Resolution

With the New Year approaching, many will start looking at their relationship future, planning to find the "right one" or even making the decision to commit.

Relationship Resolution
Self Diagnosis – Why we shouldn’t

Self Diagnosis – Why we shouldn’t

The internet is a vast source of information that we often turn to when searching for information on health problems or physical symptoms we may be facing. Experts have found…

Self Diagnosis – Why we shouldn’t
Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit

It's that time of year again, cold and flu season. Germs are everywhere and on everything you touch. You spend your days at work, then off to the gym and…

Fighting Fit
Superfoods for Energy

Superfoods for Energy

Is your day just dragging on and you can't seem to keep your eyes open let alone accomplish some major tasks? Try changing up what you eat to boost your…

Superfoods for Energy
Hidden Calories

Hidden Calories

The holidays are here and enjoying the season with friends and family usually includes having a nice beverage, alcoholic or not. A lot of the time, the drink we choose…

Hidden Calories
Rock and Roller

Rock and Roller

The Foam Roller can be a life saver when it comes to stretching and helping with minor injuries. Rolling your body over foam cylinders can improve flexibility, reduce post-workout soreness,…

Rock and Roller

Decorate on a Budget

Getting into the Holiday spirit means decorating the house, inside and out. But decorating your place can be a little hard on your pocket. Getting the house ready for the Holidays by purchasing decorations can really start to add up. Wreaths, Ornaments, Trees and Little ‘knick-knacks’ in every room can break the bank. Take it easy and don’t go overboard. Do a little bit here and there and you’ll find it will go a long way. There are several things you can do bring the Holiday spirit into your place without having to spend a fortune.

Christmas Close-outs
Check local newspapers often for specials and clearance sales. The sales may only last 2 or 3 days, but you can really save money and get lots of great stuff.

Festive Foraging
Gather some beautiful decorations from nature. Pinecones, acorns and balsam fir tips are great natural decorations. Add a touch of silver or gold spray paint to your gatherings, arrange in a glass bowl with a candle. Fallen green boughs and small pieces of greenery can be collected outdoors or purchase them cheaply in surplus from Christmas tree lots.

Holiday Aromatherapy
Make your home smell warm and welcoming with a mulling spice bag. Combine whole cloves, allspice, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg with dried orange and lemon peel in a small piece of cheesecloth secured with an elastic. Simmer the spice bag and enjoy the aroma.

Charlie Brown-style
At about half the price of a big tree, smaller ones can be a great way to decorate on a budget. You’ll also need fewer lights and ornaments.

Twinkle Lights
Twinkle lights or sometimes called fairy lights deliver some big impact on a small budget. String them across your mantel, twist them around a chandelier or add some sparkle to the bathroom or bedroom.

Re-purpose some old decorations to look new. If you have any old decorations, or know people who are getting rid of theirs, re-purpose them into a new holiday display. A bunch of old Christmas bulb decorations can be put together to make a beautiful door decoration.

Dollar Stores
Visiting the dollar store will also get you many inexpensive decorations and even some craft supplies to make your own decorations. Set up a Pinterest account or ‘google’ decoration on a dime for some great DIY ideas.

With a spark of imagination, holiday decorating can be inspired yet inexpensive. Enjoy the holidays while enjoying your beautifully decorated home.

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Mix and Mingle

The holidays are a busy time of year when it comes to social events. It can also an intimidating time of the year if you lack a confidence and are shy. Whether it’s a casual neighborhood gathering or a formal office party, starting up conversations with people you either don’t know or don’t know well can be difficult and leave you feeling anxious and nervous.

Here are some ways to put the social butterflies at rest.

  1. Be open to conversation. Start by smiling and making eye contact and adding in hello. Being friendly and open will help get conversations started.
  2. Don’t spend too much time on your smartphone. If you’re looking at your smartphone too much you may miss a cue that someone may be interested in starting a conversation with you. People may assume that you are not interested in a conversation and may be less likely to approach you.
  3. Join an ongoing group conversation at the social event. At social gatherings people often walk around, moving in and out of different conversations. See if you can join a group that is discussing a topic that interests you.
  4. Ask questions. This is a great opportunity to catch up with coworkers, friends or family on what they have been up to. Be careful it doesn’t turn into an interview -like conversation, and try to share some experiences and stories of your own.
  5. Step out of your comfort zone. Once you start a conversation with someone and you feel comfortable talking with the, you may feel like sticking with them all night. Try to take a risk and strike up a conversation with someone else. You may find someone else that has similar interests as you and have some great conversations.
  6. Stay out of the kitchen. Don’t avoid the social get together by staying away. Get immersed in the event.
  7. Avoiding social situations will only worsen your anxiety. If you’re shy, talking to others will be difficult at first. Things may not go completely smooth, but it will get easier – just keep practicing.
  8. Don’t be too tempted to drink before the party to calm your nerves. Arrive at the party and settle in for a bit before going for a drink. You’ll find you have calmed a little even without alcohol.
  9. Trying to control or hide your anxiety at a party may make it worse. Accept the uncomfortable feelings, and try the tips above to keep calm.

‘Tis the season to enjoy friends, coworkers and family at social gatherings galore – you can enjoy them as well. Take a breather now and then by stepping outside or away from it all. Relax yourself, then go back in there and join in the fun. You may surprise yourself on how you have become a little less shy. Take things slow and follow the tips above.

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Relationship Resolution

With the New Year approaching, many will start looking at their relationship future, planning to find the “right one” or even making the decision to commit. Improve your own relationship for this New Year and get it started by being on the right foot.

Don’t rush into a relationship with just anyone. Give yourself time to go out and find the right person. instead of settling for the first person to come around, take your time and see who is out there for you. By taking some time to yourself to really think about your future and what you are looking for in a partner you won’t fall into the trap of looking for “the One”. YOU are the One. Expecting your partner to complete you can set you up for disappointment and can put a lot of strain on your relationship and your partner.

Take responsibility for where you are in your life but don’t blame yourself for not having a relationship or for losing one, but beware of your attitudes and choices. They will give you a clearer, more authentic sense of where you are in the present and where you are going or where you want to be going.

If you’re already in a relationship and it isn’t a happy one, ask yourself the difficult questions, what’s keeping you in the relationship? And, what are you getting out of it? Make the right choice and decision for you. You are the most important person in your life.

Stay positive. Look at what you do have rather than obsessing over what you don’t have. When you let go of the past, you can only open yourself up to what is to come in your future. Keep a positive outlook on your possibilities.

You can fall in love any time in your life. Don’t let the proverbial ‘tick-tock’ overwhelm you. We do have a limited amount of time to physically have children. But you don’t want to rush into a relationship that is not the right one just for this reason. Enrich your life in many other fulfilling things and look at having a family as a happy addition to your life rather than the be all and end all.

How can you make your current relationship better?

  1. Play. You may have already heard the saying, ‘couples that play together, stay together’. There is some truth in that. Have fun with your partner – go on some kind of adventure, whether it be an amusement park, rock climbing or just a hike in a park nearby.
  2. Laugh. Humor is known to be a key to relationship longevity. It benefits individuals and relationships as it relieves stress and helps defuse tension that might otherwise lead to conflict.
  3. Listen. More than just what hearing what another person is saying, listening involves investing the energy to understand and remember and to respond to what is being said.
  4. Love. Say ‘I love you’ often. Be affectionate with your partner. Both expressing and receiving messages of affection improves the health of close relationships.
  5. Communicate. Put away the cell phone and communicate face to face. Maintain that intimate relationship with close conversation. It’ll also help you ‘hear’ what your partner is saying.
  6. Forgive. Unfortunately, we sometimes hurt the ones we love the most, whether intentionally or accidentally. Resolve to let go of the hurt and forgive them.
  7. Understanding. Try to be more understanding of your partner’s faults. Cut back on the nagging. Stop yourself before a nagging comment and ask if it’s really worth an argument.

Be happy with yourself and you’ll find you will attract many possible romantic relationships if you’re single. Being happy with yourself will also have a positive impact on your current relationship if you’re already in one. Try some of these tips above to get your relationship on track for the New Year.

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Self Diagnosis – Why we shouldn’t

The internet is a vast source of information that we often turn to when searching for information on health problems or physical symptoms we may be facing. Experts have found that many of us will search online for health related information. This can be a concern – not everything you read online is necessarily accurate or applicable to your specific situation.

Many individuals will not take the time to get a proper diagnosis to a health or physical problem. It can be time consuming with visiting doctors and specialists, going for tests and taking time off work. Cost can also sometimes be a factor. All reasons to lead many to self diagnose their ailments by using the internet.

Here are some potential issues that you need to consider before self-diagnosing your condition

  • The diagnosis may be wrong.
  • The diagnosis may cause unnecessary anxiety.
  • Self-diagnosis may convince you that nothing is wrong – having you skip the visit to the doctor.
  • Without proper clinical diagnosis and medical attention, your condition may worsen.
  • In the case of a serious illness, a delay in proper medical treatment may lead you to serious complications.

A self-diagnosis can lead to misdiagnosis. The internet can be misleading and also confusing. There are hundreds of serious health conditions that share a number of similar symptoms. Choosing the wrong self-diagnosis can also lead to the use of drugs and drug abuse – using drugs that aren’t needed and in turn may cause more harm. The self-diagnosis can be misdiagnosed and leave you feeling anxious and worried about something that just may not be true. The added worry and anxiety can cause additional problems like abdominal pain and ulcers which may cause more misdiagnosis.

You also need to be aware of where exactly are you getting your information. Is it medical website, someone’s personal blog, social media? Is it credible? So, when it comes down to it, there really is no substitute for visiting your family doctor and taking the steps to determine what your health or physical issues are and how they should be properly treated. You can always use the internet to find more information on the issue, with the recommendation of valid websites from your doctor of course.

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Fighting Fit

It’s that time of year again, cold and flu season. Germs are everywhere and on everything you touch. You spend your days at work, then off to the gym and you are touching multiple items that will carry germs. Illnesses like the flu and colds are caused by viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs. What can you do to protect yourself from getting sick? There are some key ways to protect yourself from germs you find at work and at the gym.


Wear Flip-Flops in the Shower
Protect your bare feet from germs and fungus such as athlete’s foot. Wearing flip-flops in the shower will eliminate the direct contact you have with the floor in the shower, sauna and change rooms. Fungal infections can happen anywhere when you have bare feet.

Use Reusable Water Bottles
When you drink from your own reusable water bottle and not the drinking fountain you are eliminating your risk to Norovirus, a highly contagious intestinal virus that can easily be spread through communal water fountains. Be careful not to keep opening and closing the bottle either as you can easily transfer germs from your hands to your mouth.

Disinfect Regularly
Your gym bag can be a great place for germs to hide especially when you think of where you put it. Car floor, change room floor, public washrooms, all great places to pick up germs. Take the time to regularly wash out and disinfect your gym bag. Keep a bottle of disinfectant spray in your car or gym bag that can be used even before the bag enters your house.

Use Your Equipment
Whenever possible, bring your own equipment to use at the gym. An easy one is your own workout mat or yoga mat. Even if you can manage your own kettle bell or bar bells, you’ll be less likely to pick up something from someone else. Be sure to sanitize your equipment as well.

Keep Your Distance
A crowded fitness class can be an easy way to catch the flu. When possible try to keep about 2 arms length away from anyone else. When you head to the cardio or weight equipment, if the gym isn’t too busy, pick a machine that is not right beside someone else.


Clean and Disinfect
Wipe down your work area often. Pay attention to computer keyboards, desks and telephones. Germs accumulate quickly on and around these areas so you want to make sure they are cleaned often.

Beware of the Office Kitchen
An office kitchen can carry the most germs. Almost everyone goes in there and touches something. Be sure to wash your hands well before and after handling food and touching places like the refrigerator door handle and microwave oven.

Watch out for Those Doors
Door knobs and handles can breed germs. If possible use a tissue or paper towel when you have to open a door. Otherwise, wash hands or use a hand sanitizer after touching door handles.

Another popular spot in the office building for germs is the washroom. Try not to touch anything unnecessarily. Wash hands before you head back to work to prevent the spread of germs from the restroom to other areas of the office.

Shaking Hands
A courteous handshake is part of doing business. Make sure to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer after this gesture to prevent the spread of germs. Avoid touching your face right after a handshake.


Wash your hands regularly. The best way to combat germs is to wash your hands after doing any activity. You especially want to make sure you wash your hands before and after you eat.

Avoid touching your face. Any surface can contain germs. You’re hands are always busy touching something. Avoiding touching your face because germs you come in contact with can wind up in the openings of your nose, ears and mouth.

By being aware of your surroundings and what you may be touching, you won’t have to hide out for cold and flu season to stay germ free. The key to staying healthy is continuing with your healthy lifestyle, healthy food, healthy amounts of exercise and definitely washing your hands often.

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Superfoods for Energy

Is your day just dragging on and you can’t seem to keep your eyes open let alone accomplish some major tasks? Try changing up what you eat to boost your energy levels and help you sail through your day.

An excess of sugars or foods that are high on the glycemic index can drain your battery quickly and leave you feeling sluggish and tired. Try to stay away from “white” breads and refined grains and choose items that may be higher in fibre. Flaxseed, fish oils and lean protein are your better choices to boost your energy. Try some of these superfoods:

  • Brown Rice – it’s better for you than the white variety and will help make you feel fuller for longer.
  • Oats – they are high in calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins E and B and high in protein. It will help keep you feeling full and aid with stress and tiredness.
  • Broccoli – has lots of cancer-fighting properties as well as being a great energy provider. It also contains lots of fiber, folate, potassium, and vitamins A and C.
  • Lentils – not only are they are colourful and add to a nice look to your plate, they will help keep your energy levels high.
  • Almonds – almonds are an easy and quick snack that contains vitamin E, B, magnesium and iron, all which help boost your energy.
  • Leafy Greens – iron is key to your energy levels. Not enough iron will keep you feeling fatigued. Add some romaine, spinach, or kale to your diet and increase iron, and vitamin C levels leaving you with added energy.
  • Coconut Oil – try a spoon full of oil to boost your energy. Coconut oil is quickly processed into energy.
  • Bananas – this snack can boost your energy level while taming that sweet tooth of yours. Bananas are high in vitamin B6 which helps produce energy more quickly.
  • Quinoa – contains B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. Quinoa will fill you up and energize you as well.

Keep some these foods on hand. Pack them in your lunch and when you start to feel a slump in the day, get some of these pick me up snacks. For a nearly instant energy boost that lasts, eat a healthy snack that contains protein and a complex carbohydrate. If you eat the right foods, you’ll have an energized, productive day.

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Hidden Calories

The holidays are here and enjoying the season with friends and family usually includes having a nice beverage, alcoholic or not. A lot of the time, the drink we choose has a lot of hidden calories that do not help maintain your waistline and may negate all the hard work you’ve done at the gym.Holiday celebrations can translate into additional calories from drinks that you wouldn’t normally have. Before you reach for that glass of cheer, beware, many fancy holiday drinks are loaded with calories, fat and sugar. Eggnog, Hot Chocolates, Coffees, Cocktails are some of the well liked holiday drinks that will not help you when you go to step on that scale. There are ways to still enjoy a tasty beverage, while leaving some of those additional calories behind.

Here are some of the favorite high calorie holiday drinks and what it would take a 150lb woman to burn it off.

  1. Peppermint Mocha – a 16-ounce serving has 470 calories and equal to 1 hour of intense yoga.
  2. Pumpkin Spice Latte- a 16-ounce serving contains 410 calories and equal to 40 minutes of step aerobics.
  3. Hot Buttered Rum – 418 calories and equal to a 4-mile run.
  4. Margarita – approximately 9-ounces is 408 calories and equal to 60 minutes on the rowing machine.
  5. White Russian – 355 calories and equal to 30 minutes of jumping rope.
  6. Eggnog – 1-cup serving is approximately 350 calories and equal to 35 minutes of kick boxing.
  7. Hot Chocolate – 12-ounce serving is 320 calories and equal to 60 minutes of raking leaves.

To combat these extra calories, but still enjoy a nice beverage, you just have to make a healthier choice. Here are some suggestions to not let the holiday cheer get away from us:

  • Go for the lighter options such as, Light Eggnog, Lowfat Lattes, Sparkling Cider.
  • Substitute the milk in the drink to a low fat or skim milk instead of creams and high fat milk.
  • Drink lots of water before, after and during holiday beverages. You’ll find you won’t have as many if you are hydrated with water.
  • Plan ahead. Choose a holiday beverage instead of dessert. Or drink the beverage earlier in the day so you can work off the calories.
  • Avoid the alcohol. Order the drink as a virgin and save up to 100 calories per beverage. Plus, you’ll be a safe driver over the holiday season.
  • Skip the extras. Avoid the whipped topping, chocolate sauce, sprinkles or candy cane. Even go as far ahead and ask the barista to give fewer pumps of the flavored syrup.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of what you love. Enjoy your favorite, but limit the amounts you have over the season. One delicious drink here and there isn’t going to hurt too much.
  • Continue with your exercise routine over the holidays. You’ll find the little bit extra you consume over the season, won’t have too big of an effect on the scale.

If you’re sensible over the holidays you can enjoy the festivities without increasing you calorie intake too much. Happy Holidays and stay safe.

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Rock and Roller

The Foam Roller can be a life saver when it comes to stretching and helping with minor injuries. Rolling your body over foam cylinders can improve flexibility, reduce post-workout soreness, prevent sports injuries and even alleviate chronic pain.The foam roller is a great tool for lengthening and elongating muscles and is especially helpful for runners who often suffer from tight and fatigued muscles. The foam roller will also massage the muscles intensely, similar to what a massage therapist will do without the cost to visit one.

Foam roller therapy is also often called self-myofascial release. It has been shown to improve range of motion in the knee and hip, and to ease muscle soreness after exercise. Myofascial release comes from a theory that pressure from the rollers breaks up tight spots in muscles and the connective tissue that surrounds them, the fascia. In combination with regular stretching, using a foam roller can be more effective in improving flexibility.

The foam roller should not replace proper stretching, warming up and cooling down, but it can be used as a tool to limit soreness and tightness through increased blood flow and flexibility. By using the roller, you can help to also avoid injuries. The iliotibial band (IT band), the band that runs on the outside of the leg from the hip to just below the knee is one of the areas in the body that can be prone to injury. By rolling the foam roller on the side of the leg (slowly back and forth) towards the top of the leg, specifically where the quad where it meets the IT band it will help to increase blood flow and circulation, aiding in healing and preventing injury.

Here are 4 Foam Roller Stretches to try:

Lower Back Pain
Looser hamstrings will help with back pain. Sit on a foam roller with your legs stretched out. Support yourself with your hands on the floor behind you. Position yourself so that the roller is directly under your hamstrings. Slowly roll forwards and back from the base of your glutes to the bend in your knee for approximately 30 seconds.

Runner’s Knee
Roll your iliotibial band (the muscle on the outside of your leg from your hip to your knee). Lie on your side and slip the roller under your thigh. Cross your other foot over and put it on the floor. Roll back and forth for 30 seconds from the bottom of your hip to just above your knee.

Tight quads can tug on your patellar tendons, causing pain around your knees. Lie on your stomach with the roller placed under your thighs. Holding the body straight, roll yourself back and forth from hip to mid-thigh for 30 seconds.

Upper Back Pain
Lie on your back and place the foam roller beneath your neck, near your shoulder blades. Your feet and backside should be on the ground and your hands behind your head. Brace your abs and slowly work the roller for 30 seconds up and down from your shoulder blades to your middle back (not your lower back).

If you add the foam roller in combination with static stretching you will notice results. Massage your own muscles and boost your performance with a foam roller. Have your trainer work it into your warm up and post workout.

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Office Fitness

Sitting all day at a desk can ruin what you’ve worked so hard for at the gym. What can you do to keep fit and healthy at work? There are many ways to exercise while working at your desk in the office each day. Don’t let your hard work go down the drain.

Take the Stairs
If your building is equipped with an elevator, make the choice to take the stairs. Choose the stairs every time, and you’ll find it a good way to stay active and fit at work. You can even take it one step further and do a stair workout during your lunch or break. Do two stairs at a time, or increase your pace and burn off some extra calories from your lunch.

Legs and Bum Exercises
Exercises that you usually do in a gym setting can also be done at work. Take a break from sitting and typing and get off your chair and stretch. Do some squats beside your chair or lunge walk down the hall. You can even find an empty spot on the wall and do some wall sits. These are great ways to take a break from work and get the muscles working instead. There are many other leg exercises and stretches that can be done beside your desk such as leg lifts, leg curls, and leg kicks.

The arms are another muscle group that can easily get a good workout during a break from working at your desk. Tricep dips are a great example of a simple workout that you can do at your desk. Leave the keyboard behind for a bit and use a sturdy desk for support. Try doing some arm curls. Find something lying around that you can use as a weight and curl and work your biceps. Even doing some simple arm movements like pulsing the arms backwards while they are at your side or holding your arms out straight from your shoulder for as long as possible.

Neck and Shoulders
Rolling and stretching your shoulders is great for staying fit and helping with posture and relieving the stress and pressure from sitting at a computer all day. Press your shoulder blades back and hold that position for several seconds. Also try the shoulder shrug. Raise both shoulders up to the ears and hold for 5 seconds, then relax. These will also help get the kinks out and get you more comfortable to get back to work. Stretch your neck muscles by tilting your head (ear towards the shoulder) and holding. Do one each side. Don’t forget to put your chin to your chest and tilt your head up too. Hold each spot for a couple of seconds to feel the stretch.

A fun way to keep your core fit while at work is using your swivel chair to work out your oblique’s. Keep your feet flat on the floor and grasp the edge of the desk with your hands, sitting upright, use your core to swivel the chair side to side. Just simply by keeping good posture, you can work your core muscles. Keep feet flat on the floor, back up straight and arms at 90-degree angles to the floor for the entire day you are at your desk, you are working those core muscles. Try the sitting crunch. With elbows on the thighs, try to curl the chest in towards the legs while resisting the movement with the arms. Hold for 10 seconds.

Not only are you maintaining a healthy work-fitness balance, you are helping with better posture and probably even your work productivity. You don’t need to stay sedentary while working all day at your desk. Add some desk exercises and you’ll feel a whole lot better.

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Navigating Social Media

Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Social media depends on mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generated content. The most popular social media outlets are Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Foursquare, Google, Pinterest, Youtube and Linkedin. Social media has become its own world and in this world, it is important to maintain a good online character. You never know who may be seeing your profiles. It is imperative to be careful what you write online.

What was once personal or private may now be everyone’s business. Facebook alone has more than 483 million daily users and it’s growing. Online social networking enables individuals to connect with family and friends, play games, and express themselves. It’s the expressing themselves part that gets users of social networks tangled up. Posts on certain social networking sites, like Facebook, have the potential to reach a vast audience in a very short time. More and more employers are now using social networks to recruit and to gain more information on potential candidates.

Here are five tips to help you thrive in the increasingly complex world of social media, and to stand out from the crowd in your area of expertise online:

  1. Decide who you are professionally. What do you want to be known for? Define your area of expertise, and then ensure that you brand yourself accordingly.
  2. Post with purpose. Avoid posting material just for the sake of putting up content. Before you post, ask what the post says about you personally. Not everything should be shared, the things you don’t post tell the world as much about you – or more – than the things you do post.
  3. Social networking is still primarily about networking, so you should be mindful of not only what your posts say about you to potential employers, but also to your friends and family.
  4. Sometimes less is more. Your social network is a form of media exposure and good public relations agents make sure their clients don’t get over exposed. There are lessons to be learned from this approach, before posting ask yourself if you are advancing your brand by providing some new information about yourself or are you repeating yourself.
  5. Post your best leave the rest. Social networks allow us instant and immediate access to the world; use this access judiciously. Never post while angry, under the influence, or in any other state that may cause you to post things you will regret later.

When you use social media safely and correctly, it can be very beneficial. It can:

  • Provide social confidence by interacting with others
  • help you become more familiar and comfortable with new and emerging technology
  • Help with finding employment
  • Allows people to stay in touch and up to date (while being miles apart)
  • Excellent business tool for growth by free marketing and promotions and increased recognition
  • Great tool for organizing and planning events
  • Great space to chat with those with similar interests

There are unlimited reasons to join a social media network, for business or employment growth or for a social aspect with friends, family and those with similar interests. Remember to protect yourself and your character. Use the tips above to stay safe and benefit from the use of social media.

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